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5617 Providence Glen Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

Weekend Speed Reading Courses

We conduct weekend speed-reading courses on Saturday & Sunday mornings at our Charlotte NC location. No matter whether you're in business, in the military or at school, we'll teach you to read & comprehend 2 to 10 times faster -- GUARANTEED -- and we'll show you how to use these new skills for best effect.

Fly into Charlotte on Friday evening and fly home on Sunday evening (and be able to finish reading an entire book on the flight home!) These classes, ensuring loads of personal attention, a relaxed weekend environment and above-average results. See our Speed Reading Course Calendar  for dates, special offers and discounts.

"Dr Bruce is a fantastic instructor. EVERYONE should take this course. What a great and efficient skill to have. I feel like I've been a bit cheated by our education system but now feel armed with the tools I need to attack my reading backlog -- I increased my reading speed 6-fold (from 328 words a minute to 2000 words a minute) without comprehension loss." - U.S. Banker

Weekend Speed Reading Courses in Charlotte NC are presented in person by Dr Bruce Stewart, international speed reading coach with more than 40 years experience in speed reading training and a world expert in speed reading skills. These Weekend Speed Reading Courses are customized to suit the profile of the attending participants. So whether you're an executive, professional, soldier, manager or student, we'll adapt the course content to meet your particular reading needs and applications.

Or, if you'd  prefer a Private Group Speed Reading Course, we offer customized courses for companies, colleges, schools, military bases or your private group of family / friends / co-workers, at your location.

Speed Reading Course Results are Guaranteed! ... DOUBLE your reading productivity in our speed reading classroom courses, or get your money back! (The average reading speed increase is better than X5, without loss of comprehension.)


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