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ExecuRead Testimonials

ExecuRead Graduates : USA Client Organizations

The identity and contact information of our graduates is treated with respect, privacy and confidentiality. We do not divulge this information without the specific permission of the graduate concerned.    Many of our graduates have given us testimonial comments and their permission to publish these comments - these are available throughout this website.

Military & Government Business & Financial Education
USAF, Pentagon Allegacy Federal Credit Union Appalachian State University
USAF, Robins AFB Allen Tate Bard College
USAF, Maxwell AFB American Express Biomedical Research Institute
USAF, Lajes AFB Aramco Services Brown University
US Army Ascend Capital BSN Medical
US Coast Guard Attus Technology Charlotte Latin School
USNSWDG Babcock & Wilcox CMS Schools
Abu Dhabi, UAE Babcock & Wilcox NOG Cottingham Chalk Realty
CSOSA Bank of America Covenant Day School
Dept of Health BB&T Darden Business School UVA
Dept of Veteran Affairs Capital One DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
FDIC, DC Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Duke University
USAF, Kirtland AFB CB Fleet Frances Marion University
NASA Children's Hospital Georgetown University
Office of Naval Intelligence Clark Development Group Indian Prairie School District
USMC 1 MEF Coastal Fed Credit Union Harvard Business School
MCIA Quantico Cornerstone America Kenan Flagler Business School, UNC
DTRA Credit Suisse Lakeland High School
USSTRATCOM Dell Louisiana State University
USMC 2 MEF Delta Airlines Loyola University
USMC 29-palms Drax Group McDonough Business School, GTU
USMC Intel Schools Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Mingle School of Real Estate
Naples City Council Dubin & Swieca Capital Mgmnt New York Law School
Palo Alto City Du Pont PennState Law School
USPS EDS RSA School Board, IL
US EPA EquiFirst School Students
USDA Ernst & Young School Teachers
  Fox TV University of NC
  H&R Block Valley Stream Schools
  HP Southwestern School District
  ICF Consulting VA Military Institute
  Insurance Industry Professionals  
  Harbor View Properties  
  Helios Consulting  
  John Hopkins Hospital  
  Komen Foundation  
  Maimonides Medical Center  
  National Gypsum  
  Nicor Gas  
  Northwestern Mutual  
  Phoenix Life Insurance  
  Red Cross  
  Rockville Chamber  
  Salomon Smith Barney  
  VF Corporation  
  St Mary's Hospital  
  Sytex Inc  
  UBS Paine Webber  
  Transamerica Capital Mgmnt  
  Wakefield Group  
  Warburg Pincus  
  Washington Mutual  
  World Bank  

 Office of Naval Intelligence
"Dr Stewart's instructional knowledge was extremely impressive. Even more was how he was able to share with the class the application of the new skills in a practical setting." Lt *.* - Analyst

"Great value. Most of my job is reading subject material that I am not an expert in and applying policy which needs to be read and understood. This course creares great value by reducung reading time and increasing comprehension." Civilian *.* - Analyst

"Excellent content, good balance of exercises and instruction, good pace, highly applicable to our work and will greatly improve productivity." Civilian *.* - Analyst

"Outstanding course. Highly recommend that this training be implemented as part of ONI INDOC." Civilian *.*, - Intel Specialist

 Maxwell AFB
"A class with an appropriate blend of challenge and motivation to push individual limits and with training strategies to bring relevancy to the program." Maj *.* - Instructor, Squadron Officer College

"Tremendous course. Effective and actionable with great perspective." Lt.Col. *.* - Instructor, Squadron Officer College

NASA - Johnson Space Centre, TX
"This should be a mandatory NASA course for everyone." Pedro Rivera - Safety & Risk Manager

"Best class I have taken." Paul Rathbun - Technical Manager

"I will highly encourage this course. I wish I had done this years ago." Tom Costello - Avionics Engineer

US Naval Special Warfare Development Group
"Ability to cover much more material. I plan to recommend this to co-workers." Cdr *** 

The World Bank - Finance & Budgeting
"Very useful for work."  J.O.

USAF Pentagon
"The most important professional development I've had in years."  Brig Gen ***

US Army
"Increased my reading / comprehension speed by X15. I found the study skills particularly useful and the fact that I now possess the tools / skills to further improve on my own, is excellent." John Eimers

"ExecuRead is a course that is helping me stay up with all the publications, FM's and lessons learned. As an instructor I like having the cutting edge of what is happening in Iraqi and other parts of the World. I of course especially use it to feed my Faith in the Word of God which has changed my life. Plain and simple this works." Thierry Bras

US Coast Guard
"I'm hooked. Recommend to anyone, regardless of workload. Less time working = more personal time."  Lt Eric Johnson 

"I usually take a few days leave to prepare for mid-term tests. Now I can get better comprehension in less time and without ever missing work." Lt Kevin Saunders  (16th Member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)

Dept of Environmental Health
"One of the best training courses ever done - you are a real professional." Daniel Parker

"Huge productivity gain in only 10 hrs." Richard McNellis

"I can now catch up with my reading backlog." Eric Grimm

Aramco Services Company
"Probably the best course I've ever taken. A life-changing experience. I increased from 300 to 1400 words a minute reading speed with comprehension constant at 80%." Dustin Duran 

"Excellent mix of subject matter, knowledge, passion & teachability. Best value for money in 10 years. Should be mandatory for all at ASC." Jeffrey Gordon

"A great job. Thank you for your patience with my team. Everyone was able to increase their speed & efficiency. This is a good measure of success for me. The productivity gains will be very valuable."  John Opalko - Developer Manager

"The ability to read & understand at high rates will enable me to keep up with the rapid pace of technology changes." J Sawyer - .Net Evangelist

Bank of America
"A new method study that I will be able to leverage for the rest of my career." Rick Inmon 

"I studied 400 pages and 500 test questions in just 5 days and passed my bank exam with 84%."  John Jemison 

"A huge competitive edge in the 'real' world." Anne Gregg - MBA student, Bank of America

"Information Overload now a thing of the past." Andrew McGowan

"One of the best classes I've ever taken. Will not only help me grow in business, but will also make me a better person." Kevin Laye - Snr Relationship manager(14th Member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)

"Provided me with an effective strategy for reading and an eightfold increase in speed with usable comprehension levels." Douglas DeSimone - Account Executive

"Brilliant solution for email management." Douglas DeSimone

"Unbelievable what's possible." Jack Hinson - Senior VP

"One of the most interesting instructors I ever had. Extremely informative, enthusiastic & energizing. Best thing I have done for myself in 10 years. Fabulous worth a million. Received more in 12 hours than in 16 years of school." Cheryl Coughlin (13th Member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)

McDonough Business School, Georgetown University
"Terrific course, well-designed for maximum impact in a short period of time. Incredibly useful for personal and professional reading." Ridwan Obaray - MBA Student

"Surpassed even my most ambitious expectations! I will cover more material, improve my grades and have more free time as a direct result of the skills I learned. Well worth it at even twice the price." Casey Callaway - MBA Student

"Wish I had learned these skills when I was younger. Highly recommended to everyone." Sean Wolters - MBA Student

"Improved my reading speed & comprehension. I now read faster, have better comprehension and retain much more. Thanks." Matt Hoesley

Credit Suisse
"I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful course this week. As someone who admittedly hasn't read a novel in quite a while, but is buried constantly under a mountain of work (information security) related documentation, I am ready to use my new found skills. Who knew I could increase my speed 10.6x in just 10 hours!?! I've been raving about your class to anyone who will listen so I hope to see you around our offices again soon. " Philip K

"Great methods for using speed reading techniques in business applications - emails, departmental reading materials - and on processing large volumes of books per year on various topics." Thelma R

"I read a legal document in just 10 minutes and got exactly what I needed from it." Subroto R

"One of the best instructors I've ever had. Course should be mandatory for all executives. My reading speed increased from 200wpm to over 3000wpm in just 2 days - scares me to think what is actually possible." Gary K

"A great course. Highly recommended to any skeptic or critic - you'll be surprised. Increased my reading efficiency 15 times." Lara A

"Increased reading speed by factor of 7 & comprehension by 10 points. Can't tell you how wonderful this is. Amazing instructor." Michael M

"Truly one of the best courses I've taken. Exciting information & application." Susan W

"Very highly recommended to co-workers." Julian E

"After being skeptical about reading any faster, I am now convinced it works." Connie L

Harvard Business School
"ExecuRead is not for you if you are not prepared to work hard. However, if you are willing to invest both effort and passion, you will achieve amazing results. Thanks to Bruce Stewart's ExecuRead course, I increased my reading speed by over four times from an already high base, with strong comprehension. That's a premium skill for an MBA student."  Batyr Bulat - MBA Student

Babcock & Wilcox
"I loved pushing the reading speed envelope. Thanks for Bruce's style & upbeat positive attitude." Scott Salamon 

"Improves overall mental capacities not only reading, but also thinking & recall." Mike Rekai

"One of the best courses ever taken."  William Stirgwolt

"Fantastic & inspirational."  Mike Tittle

"Wish I did it sooner. Want MORE!"  Joe Ertle

National Gypsum Company
"I had had a book sitting on the shelf for 2 years. Two evenings ago I finished the entire book in 20 minutes!" Nick Rodondo - VP Human Resources

Dubin & Swieca Capital Management
"Improved reading skill 6 times. Much more than expected. This is extremely motivational. Thanks." Tracy Stuart

Ascend Capital
"Everyone should have this skill." Michael Wright  (40th member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)

"This course is as much a lesson in how the brain processes information and how to use that knowledge to increase reading speed, as it is about learning to 'speed read'. The techniques that Bruce teaches are like 'brain exercises' that allow the eye-brain connectivity to take in more with better comprehension because the brain stays focused on getting it. Bruce sees beyond what is accepted in one's mind and gets you to believe that something unbelievable is actually possible. It is fascinating to feel your abilities grow as the words leap off the page and into your head as your eyes move at dizzying speeds across the page - it is truly mind-expanding! I haven't cut back my 12-hour workdays, but find myself better able to cope with the huge amount of information I need to process every day. With a X5 increase in reading speed, I'm not working less - I'm doing more in the time I do work." Curtis Arledge - Global MD Fixed Income

"Rate-to-purpose reading a very valuable tool." Ken Tolson

Capital One
"Increased from 325 words a minute reading rate at 69% comprehension to 1100wpm at 80% with just 10 hours of training." Joe Bezelik

"One of the most practical and effective courses that I have ever taken. I cannot remember a course where I left feeling as motivated and energized." Tim Brittain

US Postal Service
"Thank you for the extremely interesting and valuable session that we just finished.  I also found it challenging and fun.  That I increased my reading speed from 200 words per minute to over 1600 in three 3-hour meetings impresses me; and I was there.  Learning how to cure my ignorance of general knowledge by reading everyday items such as newspapers, magazines and books that provide education, professional information and entertainment is enlightening.  The technique of culling out critical information quickly and focusing my time to these items will increase my productivity instantly.  I will speak to my manager about this training for my peers.  I feel that this is the second most valuable investment for my personal self development; (improving my health at the fitness center is first on my list - Sorry)"  Mike Dougher

"Exactly what I needed for going into night college courses." Robert D Bradley

"Increased reading speed from 334 to 4889 wpm & comp from 69% to 85% very useful in work & school." Beverly Rockecharlie - MBA student

"Key to freeing up time reading corporate & industry-related material." Mary Barrett

"Should be required for all employees."  Sangeet Rajan

"Required reading in less time, more time for pleasure reading."  Annamaria Malveaux

"Excellent course very practical for MBA program, technical reading & pleasure reading."  Jeff Morgan

Kenan-Flagler Business School
"A breakthrough with a very big reward." Stefan Stern, MBA Student

"Drastic increase in time efficiency." Jason Small, MBA Student

Darden School of Business 
"Liberating to push brain frontiers." Pamela Bjorson, MBA Student

"Great for stretching the brain." Mark Hutto, MBA Student

Coastal Federal Credit Union
"ExecuRead was the most impactful training I've ever had. In just 10 hours I raised my reading speed from 270 to 1250 words a minute & my comprehension from 80 to 100% - that's right - faster speeds & higher comprehension. In the three months since Dr. Stewart's class I've read more books, both business and pleasure, than I've read in the 15 years since high school. Dr. Stewart will come to your office to perform the training - in fact many companies have standing engagements with him. This has truly provided me with a real competitive edge that is netting results." Kris Kovacs   Read his blog

Northwestern Mutual
"I took Bruce Stewart's speed reading class and LOVED it. It is a fabulous course and the impact is immediate and significant! The results are spectacular."  Ellen Linares

Mingle School of Real Estate
"As a trainer, speaker and instructor I am swamped with all sorts of reading material. ExecuRead unlocked my ability to attack this workload efficiently and effectively. I can now get through my daily reading in one fifth of the time it used to take. ExecuRead has saved me time and money." Dana Rhodes

Salomon Smith Barney
"ExecuRead helped me become more aware of what to expect out of both business and leisure reading. I more than tripled my reading speed." Kristen Cowen

VersaLaw, DC
"One of those rare courses that improves one's quality of life. ExecuRead is so much more than speed reading - it gave me the tools to handle not only my reading obligations, but has also taught me an efficient way of handling life's information. My only regret is not having taken ExecuRead 20 years ago! Bruce is an extremely knowledgeable coach and more importantly, enthusiastic." Michael Whitener 

Unifi University
"On behalf of our employees, I wish to thank you for your energy and enthusiasm towards learning and especially with your program on Speed Reading. I am hopeful that our employees continue to take advantage of your teachings and capture the power of your techniques. 
The concept of Speed Reading is a new one for Unifi employees and one that mystifies most people. Most of us are swamped with emails, memorandums, trade journals and other types of business reading, so the need for speed reading is acute here. Your promise to increase reading speed at least two-fold is accurate, but the reader must make an effort and do the required homework. This is not a teaching that is simply poured into your mind and changes your life. Like most things in your life, if you want to work for it you can reach your goals. 
Your engaging and experiential style pulls people closer that want to learn. The techniques have shown our employees how to increase speed while retaining comprehension - and it is amazing! The experience is invaluable and will be a tool that Unifi employees can utilize everyday whether at work or at home. Efficiency and time management are but a few of the positive results that will come from Speed Reading. We felt the need for speed, and ExecuRead helped us!"   Michael W Fogleman 

"I increased my reading speed more than I thought possible before I took the class.  I am truly grateful to you Bruce and all at ExecuRead USA for what you did for me.  I am also grateful for an employer who is willing to invest work time and company money in me in such a way as this.  ...... This class will pay dividends in ways I cannot even imagine to both me and the company in the future."  Dicky Carico

Children's Hospital DC
"I have improved a great deal. The course contains TONS of great and informative material, not necessarily focused on reading speed. Thank you." Alex Diaz de Villalvilla

Louisiana State University
"Amazed that everyone isn't doing this."  Sarah Orona - Student

Vertical*I, NY
"Extraordinarily beneficial for CEOs."  Tim O'Connor CEO

Hewlett-Packard, DC
"Has given me a competitive edge." Matt Valentine 

Charlotte Chamber, NC
"Increased my reading productivity by a factor of 19." Leighann Swanson

Washington Mutual Home Loans
"A time-saving skill I use every day."  Deanna Valeo

Providence High School - "Excellent! Everyone should have a chance to know these helpful reading strategies. Thank you so much!"  K S (16)
Jay Robinson Middle School - "I really enjoyed this EduRead course and was happy with my results. I now want to do the Execuread for Students 10hr course."  S S (14)
South Meck High School -"I felt as if this EduRead course was very productive and I learned much about my reading habits."S N (16)
Providence High School - "I really enjoyed this EduRead course. I learned a lot and my reading improved. It was interesting to hear how people have reading blocks."L K (16)
East Meck High School  - "The course was great and very interesting. I would love to come again."A M (16)
Piedmont High School - "Great class. Thank you!"L T (16)
Providence High School  - "I more than doubled my reading speed."C B (15) 
East Meck High School  - "Great course! Will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you."J T (16) 
South Meck Middle School - "Helped me a lot. Good course. Very worthwhile!"K G (14)
Carmel Middle School  - "EduRead was great! Loved it!"W K (15)

School Teachers
"One of the most useful courses I've ever taken. Increased my son's ACT score by 25% & won him a scholarship".  Lynne Chism - High School Principal, IL
"Using these skills with my 6th-Graders." Christina Stamps - Teacher 
"Enlightening & practical." Marla Palmer - Principal S/W School
"Highly recommended." Jim Siemer - Assistant Principal S/W Schools 
"Improves study skills, recall & reading habits." Shannon Bowman - English Teacher  

Wakefield Group
"I am surprised by my reading improvement over just 2 days ... far better than I expected."  Anna Nelson 

VF Corporation
"A new way of approaching reading & study which will significantly improve my comprehension & recall ... both in professional & personal reading." Ron Lawrence  (38th member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)

St Mary's Hospital
"Potential is beyond my wildest imagination. Almost a little scary, but exciting. You have changed my reading from a chore to an adventure."  Nancy Bardon

Phoenix Life
"Far exceeded any and all expectations I had prior to attending.  Palmer and I are aggressively pursuing our boss to consider sending other members of our firm to your course or having you come and teach to a group.   Raif Todd   (31st Member of the 10/10/0/10 Club)"

06/03/2004 - Tim Grismer (Letter from Tim Grismer regarding his son)
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for offering your ExecuRead course in Charlotte NC. My son Dane was enrolled in one of your Courses in June of 2002. Dane was between his Sophomore and Junior years in high school. His class is one of the most competitive academically that his school has had in years. We had searched for two years for a speed reading course to help Dane with his demanding study load. We bought a book on speed reading and searched the internet for speed reading courses none of which were effective. Upon hearing about your course in Charlotte we signed Dane up immediately.
Thanks to the skills that Dane gained through your course he was able to triple his reading rate without sacrificing comprehension.The ExecuRead Course played a big part in Dane's successes in the past two years which include the following:


  • Charlotte Observer Senior of the Year 2004.
  • Ranked number one in his Senior Class at Parkwood High School.
  • Over $71,000 in academic scholarships, including a scholarship form the Engineering Department at NC State.
  • All American Scholar Athlete.
  • President National Honor Society at Parkwood High School.
  • Section Secretary of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.
I have listed these accomplishments to show how busy Dane has been in his academic, sports and civic activities. ExecuRead Speed Reading helped Dane manage his time by increasing his reading speed and comprehension. Thanks again for your good work."

Cornerstone America
"I just finished the Dallas Speed Reading course - two high intensity evenings. Personally, I was kind of skeptical going in, but I feel really jazzed about it, now. In my classroom tests, I boosted my speed by a factor of 9 (yes, 900%)!!! Granted, I will need LOTS and LOTS of practice to maintain and improve, but now I know I can go faster. By the way, my comprehension score was exactly the same at my original rate and at the 9x rate!!! I am still kind of shocked.
This is an awesome class, and I think it would have a myriad of benefits to anyone out there, especially job seekers. I feel like I have a new edge. I am starting to feel like a sniper on an information hunt, instead of getting bogged down in the weeds.
I fully endorse the course, and recommend that y'all check it out for use there. He will come in and give classes just to Alcatel-ites if you want. I have never been so bowled over by an "advanced education" course to recommend it before. However, this one is THE EXCEPTION. This is a real world benefit. I gained way more out of this than I would a "typical job fair."  Stuart M. Smith - Director, Agent Information and Legal Issues

02/26/2003 - Priscille Farinha - Training Administrator, Dimension Data SA (Pty) Ltd
Dimension Data has, over the past 2 years, made use of Reading Dynamics RSA as a training vendor for speed reading courses.
We have made use of the SuperReading course as well as the two-day ExecuRead course, both of which proved highly effective and useful. The trainers proved to be most professional and very effective in their training as well as administration and Dimension Data SA (Pty) Ltd has no hesitation in recommending Reading Dynamics RSA to any organization seeking this specific training.
Two students of Reading Dynamics RSA currently hold World records for being the fastest readers - this should reflect the level of commitment and effectiveness of the Reading Dynamics RSA speed reading curriculum.

Jeffrey Tennyson - Chief Operating Officer, EquiFirst Corp
"An excellent job of converting a practical skill into a business tool. The ExecuRead course increased the reading speed of our senior management team by 3.5 to 4 times."

Patrick McDonald - UNC
"This EduRead class was great. I improved my reading speed immediately and I am sure that I can achieve even more. Thank you very much for your time."

E.R. - Brown University - "Revolutionized my reading."
Dane Grismer - Student - "Best thing ever done for my academic career."
Andy Maxson - Student - "Blown away by the results!"
Dane Grismer - Student - "Recall methods are invaluable."
Joe Skorpen - Stunt Coordinator & Pre-law student - "Mandatory for any student." 
Matt Stanberry - ICF Consulting, VA - "Great speed reading AND information management course." FDIC, DC
"Key to career progress." Lasharn Hamilton - 
Arthur Pepper - UFT Welfare Fund, NY
"Benefit to my professional career & personal reading enjoyment."
Robert Jackson - Therapist, NY
"Bruce walks his talk Excellent! Now bring on your upgrade to SuperReading."
Karen Morgan - Allegacy Federal Credit Union, NC
"Recommended for ANYONE who studies or works for a living."
Debbie Peterson - Money Counts, NC
"Taught us how to think about why we are reading, to determine how quickly to read & how much detail is important."
Jennifer Quan - Student, CA
"After increasing my reading speed from 700wpm to 12000wpm, I won the British Literature Award for achieving the highest grade in my school class."
Neal Rainey - Appalachian State University
"Pleased with good and immediate results."
Cheri Diercks-Boyd - Insurance Industry Professional
"Started using the techniques immediately! Great benefit for graduate work."

Jerome Dixon - Insurance Industry Professional 

"Excellent course! Will use the techniques to increase job productivity and also to help my kids with school reading."

Bian An-Gwo - Insurance Industry Professional 
"English is my second language. This was truly an "eye-opening" experience - very valuable and highly recommended."

Donna Durer - Insurance Industry Professional  - "A valuable tool to utilize in studying for the CPA."

Neil MacDermott - Teacher, Valley Stream Schools, NY
"Very effective. These skills will have a direct impact on my work & graduate course-work."