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Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
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ExecuRead Guarantee

We've been teaching these skills for more than 30 years with techniques that are tried and tested. So here's our ExecuRead Guarantee : If you attend one of our 10-hour ExecuRead classroom courses and diligently comply with all guidance and instruction as given to you by your instructor, we guarantee that you will increase your reading/comprehension speed 2 to 10 times by the conclusion of the 10-hour course. If you don't achieve at the very least a 100 percent increase in your reading/comprehension speed, as measured with our standardized reading speed and comprehension testing, we'll refund your tuition fee in full.

The same guarantee applies to the ExecuRead HomeStudy course with one important difference. Although this course yields impressive results, we have no way of monitoring or controlling the amount of effort and the degree of diligence you invest in developing your skills. Accordingly, the money-back guarantee is replaced with the following Guarantee -- if you are not totally satisfied with the ExecuRead HomeStudy course AND/OR the results you achieved with this ExecuRead HomeStudy course, you may upgrade to any scheduled ExecuRead Public Classroom course and we'll credit you with the full price paid for the ExecuRead HomeStudy course and we'll apply this credit to the cost of the ExecuRead Classroom course.

Dr Bruce W Stewart