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Information Management for Military Professionals

Information Filtering & Intelligence Data Management for Military Professionals

In this 2-day interactive training course, you will acquire the skills to :

  • Effectively filter and triage incoming intelligence data for enhanced workplace productivity & war-fighting capabilities.
  • Enhance knowledge preparedness and critical-and-computational thinking.
  • Sharpen static-and-dynamic decision-making processes.
  • Expand subject and situational knowledge and awareness.
  • Expedite the extraction of mission-critical intelligence from information "fluff".
  • Process and absorb printed material 3 to 10 times faster.

This training is targetted at intelligence analysts, commanding executives, training instructors and war-fighting operators.

"Dr Stewart is without peer ... a Master Instructor. He teaches an outstanding course with fantastic practical application, well beyond my expectations. I have recommended this course to my boss. It's that good." Chief of Staff, Office of Naval Intelligence

 Designed to accommodate the unique intelligence data management requirements of military professionals, whether you're a Marine, a SEAL, a Pilot, an Analyst or a Military Planner, you operate in a fast-changing world where managing & assimilating new information rapidly & efficiently is critical to your success, the survival of your troops and our continued way of life.  

This 10hr classroom course is for anyone in the military arena who needs to manage intelligence rapidly, accurately and efficiently. 2 days of classroom training with Guaranteed Results from Dr Bruce W Stewart, an internationally recognized skills coach with more than 40 years experience. Courses are provided on-base to suit your calendar training requirements. Training is provided over TWO consecutive days (i.e. 2 sessions of 5 hrs) or over THREE consecutive days (i.e. 3 sessions of 3.5 hrs).

Expected Training Outcome
Course participants are guaranteed to increase their intelligence management capabilities & effectiveness by a factor of 4 to 10.

Call Dr Bruce Stewart on 704.451.0525 to implement this training for your Military Professionals

ExecuRead for Military Intelligence Professionals
CAGE 3NVV2   |   NAICS 611699 / 611430   |   SIC 8299


Coaching Rates (USA) Cost
Group of up to 10 * On-Base participants POA
Group of up to 20 * On-Base participants POA

* Includes customary instructor travel, accomodation & per diem costs to your location

The rapid intake & analysis of intelligence and its integration into  decision-making, has become integral to today's professional soldier. Endorsed by USAF, USArmy, USMC, MCIS, MCIA, ONI, DTRA, USSTRATCOM, USNSWDG and the Pentagon and developed to meet the intelligence management requirements of military professionals, this program increases both the speed and the accuracy of the OODA-loop and addresses the unique intelligence management challenges facing US Military & Intelligence Professionals.

Call Dr Bruce Stewart on 704.451.0525 to implement this training for your Military Professionals

Terms & Conditions  
  Professional Evaluations

Maj *.* - Instructor, Squadron Officers College, Maxwell AFB "A class with an appropriate blend of challenge and motivation to push individual limits and with training strategies to bring relevancy to the program." 

Lt.Col. *.* - Instructor, Squadron Officers College, Maxwell AFB "Tremendous course. Effective and actionable with great perspective." 

Capt *.*, MARSOC Team Commander "A game changer that I made mandatory for my Marines!"

Capt *.*, USMC 1MEF "ExecuRead training is saving lives on the battlefield"

Col. James T. Currie, USA (ret.), Ph.D. Professor of National Security (ret.) National Defense University "Having taught at one of the Defense Department's senior service ("war") colleges for 18 years, I can say unequivocally that Dr. Stewart's speed reading course would be an invaluable adjunct to the lessons taught there"

Brig Gen ***, USAF Pentagon "The most important professional development I've had in years"

Col ***, Director Training & Doctrine, Special Warfare Center "An aid to help me manage the exceptional volume of reading I must do daily, while extracting what must be handled with greater recall afterwards"

Lt Col ***, USASOC "Outstanding course! The value of this material is immediately evident"

GySgt ***, MARSOC "Dr Stewart was a fascinating instructor who balanced the "in depth" knowledge with good old-fashion humor and interaction. A rarity when you put an academic in charge of a bunch of Marines"

GySgt *** 1st Intel Bn "On a scale of 1 to 10, I personally rate this course 13!" 

MSgt *** USASOC "Dr Stewart did a phenomenal job at communicating & relating material & experience to our people"

Cdr ***, US Naval Special Warfare Development Group "I've recommended this training to co-workers"

2ndLt ***, 1st Intel Bn, USMC "An invaluable asset in my profession"

Maj ***, Robins AFB "Tremendously beneficial for professional military education"


Lt. Col. ***, USAF Pentagon "Outstanding improvement in managing information"

Maj ***, USAF Pentagon  "The new skills translate directly to my work environment on the air staff"

Training Master Chief ***, US Naval Special Warfare Development Group  "Essential training"

Sgt ***, USMC 2nd Intel BN  "Tremendously helpful in managing a ton of daily reports here in Afghanistan"

Capt ***, USMC 2nd Intel BN  "Phenomenal benefits with very impressive results - a 5-times increase in reading productivity"


Capt ***, USMC 2nd Intel BN "These skills will benefit me professionally by preventing wasted time on irrelevant material"


Sgt ***, USMC 3rd Intel BN "Outstanding course. I did this course as a "voluntold" at MCIS and came in skeptical but left a believer. Will apply these skills to both my professional life and academic studies. Wish I had known this stuff prior to wasting 100's of hours in college textbooks & publications"


SSgt ***, USMC MCIS "Really surprised by the amount of comprehension at higher speeds. I thought I was already a fast reader at 600-plus words a minute until pushed to unlock the higher speeds of 10,000-plus words a minute"