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Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

Terms & Conditions \ Private Courses

Course Includes:

  • 10 Hrs tuition
  • telephone support between lessons
  • course materials
  • reading timer
  • evaluation testing
  • graduation
  • graduate certificate
  • course-upgrade option.

In-house / On-site / Private Group Courses

  1. The 10-hour ExecuRead Classroom course is sold as a single, undivided course, irrespective of whether the course is presented in one or more modules or over one or more training sessions.
  2. The ExecuRead Methodology & Techniques include proprietary intellectual property and are presented to you for your own usage only. Your course fee does not include the rights to share the ExecuRead Methodology & Techniques with third parties or to re-engineer, amend or otherwise modify the ExecuRead Methodology & Techniques, whether for financial gain or otherwise.
  3. Private Group Courses comprise a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties.
  4. A minimum fee of $5000 per group is applicable to all In-house / On-site / Private courses.
  5. Fees are inclusive of courses materials course workbook, reading-timer, progress evaluation testing, counseling, graduation certification, post-course support and refresher courses (unless refresher courses are scheduled independently of regular courses).
  6. Fees are exclusive of location costs (if applicable), course refreshments and customary instructor travel and accommodation costs (if applicable). Airfare, car-hire, fuel, subsistence and hotel costs are billed at cost. In the absence of a course deposit, travel and subsistence disbursements are billed at cost plus 10% (ten percent).  Clients are reminded of substantial airfare cost-savings on airline reservations made more than 30 days in advance of flight departure dates, and of higher airfares on bookings made closer to flight departure dates.
  7. Fee quotations and deposit invoices include a travel cost provision (if applicable) of $500, to be adjusted once travel arrangements are confirmed.
  8. Estimated course participant numbers to be advised when making a course booking. Your confirmation of order and preliminary invoice is based upon this number of participants plus the instructor travel provision. This invoice is due for settlement on presentation in order to confirm your course booking.
  9. Final invoice, presented upon completion of training, is based upon participant numbers confirmed 72 hours before the scheduled course date or actual participant numbers at commencement of training, whichever is the greater (subject to the minimum fee of $5000 per course). This invoice will include any adjustments to travel / accommodation costs and will reflect any per person fee adjustments should actual participant numbers increase above confirmed numbers.
  10. Invoices are due for settlement upon presentation and reflect a Due Date and penalty for late payments.
  11. Courses cancelled within 30 days of scheduled course commencement date are subject to a cancellation fee of 100 percent of the minimum course fee (ie $5000) plus any instructor travel and accommodation costs already incurred. This fee is due for settlement on the original course commencement date.
  12. Courses re-scheduled within 30 days of scheduled course commencement date are subject to a re-scheduling fee of 50 percent of the minimum course fee (ie $2500) plus any instructor travel and accommodation costs already incurred. The original quoted minimum course fee is due for payment on the original course date and the rescheduling fee is due on the rescheduled course date.
  13. Courses re-scheduled solely due to vis major (Act of God) events are subject to payment of any instructor travel and accommodation costs already incurred.
  14. Multiple classes are subject to the same prices as single classes, but may exclude instructor travel and accommodation costs if the additional classes are conducted concurrently and do not require additional travel, accommodation and hotel costs.
  15. Multiple concurrent classes with total combined participants exceeding 40 participants qualify for a 10 percent fee discount.