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5617 Providence Glen Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

About ExecuRead & Speed Reading International

SpeedReading International (SRI) & ExecuRead

Speed Reading International is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), the primary registrant database for the US Federal Government.  Linked In Company Profile

Founded by Dr Bruce Stewart in 1979, Speed Reading International is a specialist training organization with a range of speed-reading, time-saving & productivity-improving training & coaching resources.  The speed reading courses were developed by Dr Bruce W Stewart, an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (RSA) Instructor & Institute Director, with 40-plus years experience in teaching speed-reading &  information-management skills to more than 25000 people on 4 continents. He has coached people in advanced reading skills from all walks of life and has traveled throughout America, Southern Africa, England, Europe, Middle East and Far East. He holds a number of awards from the US Military

The SRI range of speed reading courses include SuperReading, ExecuRead for Military Professionals, ExecuRead for Business Professionals, ExecuRead for Students, ExecuRead HomeStudy, ExecuRead Executive Coaching and EduRead for Schools and EduRead for Teenagers.  SpeedReading International has its head-office in the USA and regional offices in Canada, England, South Africa and Vietnam. Speed-reading training courses are presented world-wide.

Why use SRI for your training?
At Speed Reading International, we are concerned with ONE primary objective  - to teach you a skill that YOU will find valuable in your studies, your business and your life. We do NOT sell courses. We are NOT selling a 'package' of books & tapes that will decorate your office or home. And we do NOT walk away once we have your investment. We offer you a lifetime partnership. Your success - your ability to assimilate & process knowledge faster & more efficiently than ever before - will be our success - no advertising that we can ever do is more credible than a personal endorsement & referral from a satisfied customer. This is why all we have to sell is Time & Expertise as we work with you in the achievement of the Skill. It would be easy to simply sell you a course - but that is all you would have bought - a course. Courses will not save you Time, nor will they save you Money. Our job only ends when you have the Skill you want and need. This can take anything from 2 HOURS (in our basic courses), to 10 hours in our ExecuRead courses, to 8 WEEKS in our comprehensive SuperReading course.  And because we have been doing this for 30 years, we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

Clients Include


US Marine Corps Intelligence Bn NASA Marine Corps Intelligence Schools
USAF Pentagon Naval Special Warfare Development Group MCIA Quantico
Defense Threat Reduction Agency USSTRATCOM Center for Combating WMD GA State Robinson College of Business
Office of Naval Intelligence Warren AFB Mission Support Group USN Surface Warfare Officer School
Marine Corps University Maxwell AFB Squadron Officers College Marine Aircraft Wing
Kirtland AFB MCIA Quantico Robins AFB
MARSOC US Army Ft Bragg US Coast Guard
Capital One Visa Credit Suisse
Microsoft Alegacy Federal Credit Union Florida Dept of Health
Babcock & Wilcox Bank of America USDA
World Bank IBM Lotus
Hewlett Packard Unifi Investec Bank
Rand Merchant Bank PriceWaterhouse Coopers Deloitte & Touche
Anglo American De Beers Coca-Cola
Denel Aviation Armscor SA Reserve Bank


"Bruce, Thanks again for your rare and unending commitment to your students' progress!" - Andy B - Credit Suisse."