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Business Opportunities

WANTED : Marketing Associates in the USA

Speed Reading International is seeking to appoint a number of Marketing Associates to assist in the promotion and selling of our ExecuRead Advanced Reading & Comprehension Skills courses on a commission basis.

Our courses are aimed at top-level executives, managers, professionals, college students and high school students and we offer group on-site courses throughout the USA. As our marketing associate you receive a commission on all ExecuRead training that you arrange for us or that results from a "lead" or "referral" that you give us. If you introduce us to a company, school, college, university or any other organization, and this introduction results in an on-site group course, you'll receive a commission on the group course fee.

The Marketing Associate will NOT be required to teach any of our courses (although you may be considered for our instructor-training program). We're offering you an opportunity to use your "leads" and "contacts" to earn an income.

Here are some examples of how our Marketing Associates work :
Craig is an investment advisor with a large range of contacts and clients. To add value to his services he told his clients about ExecuRead - an effective time-saving & productivity-improving information management system. When a client expressed interest, Craig offered to have Dr Bruce Stewart contact the client to establish his needs, passed the referral to us and we took it from there. That's all! Craig gave us the lead and when we presented a course to his client, Craig received a commission on that course and any future courses that that client orders from us.

Elizabeth is a college professor. She knows first-hand the problems that students experience with the volumes of reading they have to do. She motivated the introduction of our courses to the students, identified the decision-maker, introduced us to that decision-maker and collected a commission on that course and any future courses that the college orders from us.

Anne is a corporate banker. She wanted to do our ExecuRead course but her company resisted. So Anne joined one of our public courses and then went back to the bank's Professional Development Department and shared her positive experience and the benefits she now enjoys. The bank changed its mind, introduced ExecuRead to the employees and Anne received her commission. In addition, Anne went on to share her experience with clients, customers, suppliers and friends ... just a 'soft-sell' ... telling them about how her life changed with ExecuRead ... and when anyone expressed an interest, commented "I don't have Dr Stewart's details with me, but I'll have him contact you if that's okay with you." Anne regularly passes these contacts onto us, we follow up and she receives a commission on every successful lead she gives us.

The ideal Marketing Associate will have the following attributes :
* A good network of contacts within one or more of our target audiences.
* The ability to communicate well at the target audience level.
* Be independent and able to work with minimal supervision.
* Enjoy good selling-skills in the field of training courses.
* Enjoy a good understanding of the importance of reading skills in the business & academic world.

If you are looking to expand your income-stream and believe you have what it takes to be successful at this business opportunity, contact us.