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Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

Speed Reading Courses for Managers

Learn to Speed-Read with ExecuRead Speed-Reading Courses for Managers, Professionals and Executives

With ExecuRead for Managers, you will :
  • Increase your reading / comprehension speed 3 to 10 fold.
  • Improve your concentration, memory & recall.
Then you'll learn how to APPLY this skill to your office reading environment. You'll have the skills to :
  • Enhance Critical-thinking.
  • Improve Decision-making with the SADA-information-management-strategy.
  • Increase Email reading effectiveness & management.
  • Expedite Extraction of relevant information from newspapers & daily correspondence. 
  • Keep abreast of what your co-workers are doing. 
  • Stay ahead of your competition. 
  • Increase professional and general knowledge. 
  • Save hours of reading time each day. 
  • Increase productivity and improve time-management. 

ExecuRead Speed Reading Course Results are Guaranteed! ... DOUBLE your reading productivity in our speed reading classroom courses, or get your money back!  

Coaching Rates (USA) Cost
Group of up to 10 * In-House participants POA
Group of up to 20 * In-House participants POA

* Plus customary instructor travel costs to your location


ExecuRead for Managers is an intensive 10-hour classroom course presented over 1, 2 or 3 consecutive days, with measurable guaranteed results, designed specifically for the reading needs and applications of people in a managerial, professional or general business working environment.

In addition to Private On-Site Group Courses at your location, we also offer  Public Weekend Courses at our Charlotte NC classroom. See our Speed-Reading Course Calendar for scheduled courses & available dates for your on-site course.

Terms & Conditions  

Client Comments

U.S.Banker : "Dr Bruce is a fantastic instructor. EVERYONE should take this course. What a great and efficient skill to have. I feel like I've been a bit cheated by our education system but now feel armed with the tools I need to attack my reading backlog -- I increased my reading speed 6-fold (from 328 words a minute to 2000 words a minute) without comprehension loss."
Stuart M. Smith - Director, Cornerstone America : "I just finished the ExecuRead Speed Reading course - two high intensity sessions. I was kind of skeptical going in, but I feel really jazzed about it now. I boosted my speed by a factor of 9 (yes, 9 times)!!! And without any drop in comprehension!!! I'm still kind of shocked.

 This is an awesome class with a myriad of benefits to everyone. I feel like I have a new competitive edge. I have never been so bowled over by an "advanced education" course to recommend it before. However, this one is THE EXCEPTION. This is a real world benefit. I gained way more out of this than I would a "typical job fair." I fully endorse the course and recommend that you check it out."