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Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
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ExecuRead Speed Reading Instructors \ Dr Bruce Stewart


Dr Bruce Stewart is the recipient of the NCACPA 2008 Outstanding Chapter Discussion Leader Award.

The North Carolina Association of CPAs acknowledged Dr Bruce Stewart, president of Speed Reading International, "In Recognition of Excellence and Outstanding Commitment to NCACPA's Continuing Professional Education Program".

In addition to his engagements as a Guest and Keynote Speaker, Dr Stewart presented a series of ExecuRead workshops at North Carolina CPA Chapters, aimed at improving the reading and information management productivity of CPA's through enhanced reading & comprehension skills, concentration & comprehension skills, retention & recall skills and advanced reading strategies for professionals and managers.

An international authority on speed reading & information management skills, Dr Stewart developed the ExecuRead program in South Africa, launched the courses in the USA in 2001 and has, in the intervening years, secured the endorsement of a number of prestigious organizations, including the Pentagon, the US Marine Corps, MARSOC, Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, US Air Force Squadron Officer School, USSTRATCOM, the World Bank, Credit Suisse, AARP, USDA, Microsoft, Visa, Capital One, Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group, the business schools at GA State, Kenan-Flagler (UNC), Darden (UVA), McDonough (Georgetown) and Harvard and the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University.

Dr Bruce Stewart, President of Speed Reading International Inc, has been awarded a 0205-Tactical Intelligence Officer "Plank" by the Warrant Officers of 1st Intelligence Battalion of the US Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California for his contribution to the enhancement of the intelligence analysis capabilities of the USMC. Only two hundred 0205-Tactical Intelligence Officer "Planks" have been awarded and this is the first to a civilian. The Plank was awarded to Dr Stewart by Warrant Officers T.B, Y.C., K.N. and J.H. (Names witheld for obvious reasons!)

The "Plank" is an old Naval tradition, where the first crew-members of a new ship are presented with a piece of deck-planking to commemorate the commissioning into service of a new vessel. This tradition continues today with a "Plank" being awarded when something new is being introduced and being used for the first time.

Dr Bruce Stewart, President of Speed Reading International Inc, has been awarded a Sergeant Major Challenge Medal for his contribution to the enhancement of the intelligence analysis capabilities of the USMC 2nd Intelligence Battalion at Camp Lejeune. 

Dr Bruce Stewart, President of Speed Reading International Inc, has been awarded a Commander Challenge Medal for his contribution to the enhancement of the performance capabilities of the Maxwell Air Force Base Squadron Officer School. 
What is Speed Reading? A video introduction by Dr Bruce Stewart
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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics speed reading course - Certified Instructor (South Africa)

  • 2001 - Present : Speed Reading International, Inc. (USA)  
    President & Director of Instruction
  • 1995 - Present : Speed Reading International, Plc (UK)  
    Director : International Course Development
  • 1976 - Present : Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (RSA)
    Chairman & Director of Instruction
  • 1976 - 2001 : Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (RSA)
    Senior Instructor, Training Instructor & Institute Director
  • 1995 - Present : International Executive Coach & Trainer in Advanced Reading & Information Management Skills
  • 1984 :Group Public Affairs Manager : Consol Limited.
  • 1978 : Public Affairs Manager : The Coca-Cola Export Corporation
  • 1976 : Lawyer : District Attorney's Office (RSA)

After attending Law School for 5 years and qualifying as a lawyer, I entered the business world with TWO valuable truths - Firstly, what we become in life depends on what we read once the professors have finished with us. Secondly, a good understanding of golf is almost as important as a university degree!

Think about it. The knowledge we gain at university is pretty much out of date by graduation day. Unless we keep up to date with changing information, we'll become extinct. And because new information is coming at us faster than ever before, we need to read faster than ever before.

I also learned that Golf is not just a game. It's a life-strategy. It's finding that perfect balance between accuracy and efficiency - defining the purpose of each stroke and then selecting the right club to best achieve that purpose. And this is the strategy behind ExecuRead - a skill to help you effectively manage your World of Information. Teaching you to Read Faster when you need to, with Better Comprehension when you need it, and all in Less Time. And I've been sharing these skills with people all over the world for more than 30 years.

Whether you're an executive, a business owner, a manager or a student, ExecuRead will give you more time to do what matters most to you, your family and your business. And it's easier than you think.


Client Comments

"Bruce's engaging and experiential style attracts those that want to learn."
Mike Fogleman - Unifi University, NC

"Bruce walks his talk - Excellent! Now bring me SuperReading."
Robert Jackson - Therapist NY

"Bruce's style & upbeat positive attitude really encouraged me to push the reading speed envelope."
Scott Salamon - Babcock & Wilcox, OH

"I believe Bruce to be the foremost authority - worldwide - on speed reading."
Suzie Ziegler - HealthMatters, NC

"I am starting to feel like a sniper on an information hunt."
Stuart Smith - Cornerstone America

"Bruce, Thank you again for imparting great wisdom to myself and Palmer.  Your class far exceeded any and all expectations I had prior to attending.  Thoroughly enjoyed your insights and general comments as well.  Palmer and I are aggressively pursuing our boss to consider sending other members of our firm to your course or having you come and teach to a group. Should a prospective client ever need to speak to one of your students, I would be honored to speak your praises." 
Raif Todd - Phoenix Life