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ExecuRead HomeStudy Testimonials

"One of the most useful courses I've ever taken. The ExecuRead HomeStudy Course Increased my son’s ACT score by 25% & won him a college scholarship".

Lynne Chism - High School Principal, IL

"After completing only 3 lessons of the ExecuRead HomeStudy Course, and having already noticed an increase in my reading speed & comprehension, I accepted a transfer to a new position at Bank of America.  This new position required me to complete two professional exams. The first curriculum required the reading of an 899 page review manual, including review questions, and 1000 practice test questions. I was able to complete the reading, review questions and all of the practice test questions in less than two and a half weeks. I passed the exam with an 82%.The study guide for the second exam was 400 pages and had slightly less than 500 practice questions. I completed this curriculum in less than 5 days and passed the exam with an 84%. Even though I had only partially completed the course prior to taking my exams, I credit the technique and practice gained in the ExecuRead HomeStudy course for my ability to pass them in a time-effective manner."

John D. Jemison - Relationship Manager, Bank of America