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Lies, Damned Lies, Experts & the Internet April 23, 2010

Don't always believe what you read on the Internet where ANYONE can say ANYTHING, truthful or not.

Here's an example. 

This is what the Wall Street Journal ACTUALLY said in an article by Shivani Vora on July 25, 2006 ... "So, in January, Mr. Arledge took a weekend course at ExecuRead, a Charlotte, N.C., company that teaches professionals how to speed-read."

But THIS is what David Aylwin of Reading Transformations has posted on his speedreadingonline website : "Read what the Wall Street Journal had to say ... By Shivani Vora Wall Street Journal 15 July 2005 "So, in January, Mr. Arledge took a weekend course in Fast Effective Reading that teaches professionals how to speed-read.""

Nice one Mr Aylwin! Mr Arledge did NOT do a course in "Fast Effective Reading" -- I have yet to find any course called "Fast Effective Reading". He did an ExecuRead course! Clearly a mis-quote of what the WSJ ACTUALLY said.

So what other liberties do you take with the truth when it comes to presenting your courses? Indeed, are ANY of your testimonials even relevant to your own course(s)? Or did you hi-jack those as well?

And by the way, in case you actually failed to read the WSJ article, it was July 25, 2006 and NOT July 15, 2005.

Failure to be truthful and accurate is one thing. Mangling copyrighted material a little more reprehensible. Don't you agree?

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