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Kindle .... Retrogressive Technology? September 14, 2009

Here's another really dumb idea. A product that weighs less than a single paperback, but which stores over 1500 books.

More than half the US population don't read books, not because they weigh too much, but because it takes up too much time. The only people who need Kindle are the speed-readers who cannot carry the weight of the books they're able to read in a single day or on a long-distance flight. And here's the rub!  Kindle appears to have ignored the reading needs, styles and techniques of speed-readers. Try browsing through a book or previewing visual aids. Try quickly referring to a conclusion or summary or flipping back to an introduction.  Try turning to page 600 to check a citation .... ah! maybe this is why we've adopted the fad of in-text citations??

And then, even more bizarre, some colleges grabbed onto the idea of getting students to switch their text-books from hard-copy tomes to e-books on Kindle. Apparently a really smart alternative to lugging around all those weighty books in a shoulder- or back-pack. Until of course you attempt to study those e-books. SQ3R with Kindle? Not a chance!  

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