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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics & ExecuRead in South Africa

Welcome to Speed Reading International, Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (South Africa) & ExecuRead

Designed to accommodate anyone who wishes to learn to read, comprehend & process information at a faster rate than they do now, we offer a range of advanced reading & comprehension courses, available to the public in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town & Durban & to private groups throughout Southern Africa.

In fact, to ensure your success in business and in life, we guarantee that all of our courses will increase your reading / comprehension speed by more than double your current rate. And that's being modest.

The Evelyn Wood, SuperReading and ExecuRead programs are the result of 30-years of international speed reading instruction to more than 25000 students on 4 continents. And with a range of courses to choose from, there's sure to be a solution for your particular needs. See our Course Calendar for scheduled courses & available dates & prices for your on-site course.

We have Classroom-based & HomeStudy speed reading courses to meet your needs - whether you're a corporate executive, a high-school or college student, a teacher, are in government, medicine, law, real estate, banking, or simply would like to read more as a hobby. And they are all guaranteed to increase your reading speed and retention levels by more than double your current rate. In fact many of our graduates are achieving speeds in excess of 5000 words a minute! Without losing comprehension!

Individuals and companies requiring further course information are invited to contact us.

South Africa Clients include Nedbank, Sanlam, Investec, SA Reserve Bank, Standard Bank, Dept of Defence, MTC Namibia, National Planning Commission Secretariate Namibia and Western Cape and Gauteng Provincial Governments.


If you're like most folks you probably learned to read left to right, top to bottom - sounding out each syllable of every word you see. It's a painfully slow process, but one that is commonplace in most Western countries. The truth is, the principals taught by SpeedReading International are becoming more and more prevalent in other parts of the world - and with incredible results.

Think about the time you'll save!  Think about what you'll be able to do with that time. 

Act NowRead FasterSave TimeBe Productive. Make Money. Invest in Yourself.

Client Comments

"A life-changing experience"
Angela Levkov
NedCor Bank

"Invaluable for expanding knowledge"
Roxane Human
SA Reserve Bank

"Unlocked my passion for reading"
Edwina Gertse
Standard Bank

"An elevated reading skill - both speed & comprehension"
Miempie Louw
Dept of Defence

Please Note : Joe Szabo is no longer licensed to teach the ExecuRead, SuperReading or Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics courses or to represent Speed Reading International or PF Training. If approached by Mr Szabo in this regard, please contact us as any business conducted with Mr Szabo may be in breach of our trademarks and copyrights.




Yvette Engelbrecht & George Stancliffe Speed Reading Institute (South Africa) are under investigation for theft, fraud, copyright infringement & misrepresentation ... read more