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Phone: 704-844-1064
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Speed Reading Courses at Georgia State University

GA State University & ExecuRead are offering an Advanced Reading & Comprehension Skills course to EMBA students at the Robinson College of Business, at a Special Group Rate.

Course Participants can expect to achieve the following benefits from this full-day course:
Learn to Read & Comprehend 2 to 10 times faster!
* Learn effective technical & study reading skills!
* Learn test-taking tips & techniques!
Dramatically increase concentration & comprehension!
* Eliminate Reading Backlog & Reading Overload!
* Learn Mind-Mapping for enhanced Retention & Recall!
* Prevent boredom, tiredness & distractions while reading!

Course participants are increasing their reading speeds more than 3 to 5-fold, with INCREASED comprehension in this student/business oriented training course!

This full-day classroom-based course includes speed reading & comprehension skills, study skills, test-taking skills, concentration & memory skills ... at a substantial discount off the regular public course rate.

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Robinson College of Business

Date / Time
Saturday 4 August 2018
8am - 5pm

 Book Your Seat Now Through Your EMBA Program Office 

For further information, contact Dr Bruce Stewart on
888 .439 .3287 (TollFree) or by email

This course is a private course with preferential seating offered to Robinson College of Business EMBA students. Limited seating is available to other GSU students, faculty and alumni.


ExecuRead Advanced Reading & Comprehension Skills are now used at the Pentagon, NASA, US Marine Corps, World Bank, Special Operations Command, Office of Naval Intelligence, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Visa, GA Tech, GA State, Lincoln Memorial University, Caylor School of Nursing, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, Darden UVA, McDonough Georgetown and Harvard, et al.


"This course has become indispensable to our students" Laura Crawley, PH.D., (fmr) Director Executive MBA Program, J Mack Robinson College of Business.

"Everyone should do this course. We should be teaching this in grade school. It's a travesty to our nation that we're not utilising this technology for the general public in schools on a national level." Dr Kim D'Eramo - LMU- DCOM.

"I had the tremendous fortune of attending the ExecuRead program during the first semester of an Executive MBA program. It was a life-changing experience! The skills I gained in just two days of this course allowed me to reclaim innumerable study hours. Incredibly, not only was I able to blow through reading assignments, but I actually retained far more of what I was reading. I know of no better resource than ExecuRead to help you dramatically improve your ability to stay current in your industry and reclaim your most precious resource - time. Dr Stewart was so professional, entertaining, and inspiring that his ExecuRead course is now a permanent feature of the EMBA program I attended." Robert Moss, EMBA 2010

"Phenomenal course - Dr Stewart communicated the science, process & techniques of speedreading in a clear & applicable manner. My 4-fold increase in reading speed and 20 percentage point increase in comprehension far exceeded my expectations. And the study system is a wonderful 'value add'!" Greg Page, EMBA 2010

"Dr Stewart relates concepts to real world applications. This will be highly beneficial for the EMBA curriculum as well as in my professional career." Tal Volok, EMBA 2010

"Awesome! The best personal investment in my entire life! Increased my reading speed (and comprehension) dramatically." Misty Guard - GA Institute of Technology.

"Amazing results. I increased my reading speed by over four times from an already high base, with strong comprehension. That's a premium skill for an MBA student." B.B. Harvard Business School
"My reading methods & study habits have been completely changed by this course which needs to be a required course in every school." Amelia S - LMU