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Lincoln Memorial University adds ExecuRead to freshmen orientation week July 15, 2010

The DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University has incorporated the ExecuRead for Students speed reading & comprehension skills course into its orientation week for all incoming medical students in July 2010. 

"We've been offering this course to DeBusk students for the past 2 years to evaluate the course effectiveness" says ExecuRead president, Dr Bruce Stewart. "But this was elective and those students who wished to take the course had to pay for the training. This year it's included in orientation week so all 170-odd freshmen students will benefit." 

"This is the first university to include ExecuRead in it's student curriculum as a prescribed course. GA State's Robinson School of Business, which pilot-programmed the course earlier this year, has also endorsed the training and strongly recommends the ExecuRead course for all its incoming executive MBA students, going so far as to co-sponsor half of the course fee."

"I suspect that we'll see more of this in the future" says Stewart. "University fees are increasing as well as the demands being made on students. Increased reading and studying productivity maximizes the students' out-take from the university and increases the students' chances of graduating on time."

Defense Logistics Agency commissions ExecuRead April 30, 2010

The Defense Logistics Agency recently commissioned an ExecuRead for Professionals course at the Ft Belvoir VA military base. In a 10-hour coaching course over two days, thirty DLA professionals increased reading speeds almost 8-fold with increased comprehension. 5 people joined the exclusive Top Performers Club with reading speed increases of 10-fold or more, without any decrease in comprehension

NASA commissions ExecuRead March 29, 2010

NASA has commissioned Dr Bruce Stewart of Speed Reading International Inc to present the ExecuRead Speed Reading for Professionals Skills Course at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston TX, the primary center for design, development and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for human flight.

Update | March 31
: In the 10-hour ExecuRead for Professionals course, the NASA group of professionals increased their reading speed almost 12-fold, from an average 318 words per minute to an average 3720 words per minute, with a less than 1 percentage point comprehension variance. Two of the NASA people join the very exclusive Top Performers Club 

Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business offers Advanced Reading Skills Course February 16, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE: February 16, 2010
For Immediate release

Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business offers Advanced Reading Skills Course

The J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University is partnering with Speed Reading International Inc. to offer the ExecuRead Speed Reading & Comprehension Skills training course to students and the business community in Atlanta Georgia.

“Two pilot courses were offered earlier this year to test the impact of and response to this training” says Robinson’s Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Director, Laura Crawley, Ph.D. “Our students experienced immediate results and we’ve received inquiries from Atlanta businesses about further offerings.” The pilot courses were primarily aimed at Robinson EMBA students, but also offered limited access to the Atlanta business community.

In addition to the Robinson students and faculty, future courses will be open to students and faculty from other colleges and universities and especially to the business community who are aiming to increase work productivity without incurring additional overhead costs.

“Inadequate reading, comprehension and studying skills are a major factor hampering academic and business productivity” says ExecuRead coach and president of Speed Reading International, Dr. Bruce Stewart. “With people today reading no faster than a century ago, and with the volumes of reading required to remain competitive in a fast-changing world, it’s becoming even more critical to keep pace with new information. Working with the Robinson College of Business, ranked 23rd among U.S.-based programs and 65th globally by the Financial Times, is testimony to the importance and urgent need to improve adult reading efficacy.”

The ExecuRead course was designed by South African, Dr. Stewart in 1976 and launched in the USA in 2001. Used by the Pentagon, US Marine Corps, Special Operations Command and Fortune 500 companies, the ExecuRead program increases reading speed, comprehension and retention in all types of reading material, from high-responsibility technical reading to general-knowledge leisure reading.

More information may be obtained from Dr. Laura Crawley at the Robinson College of Business on 404-413-7304 or from Dr. Bruce Stewart at Speed Reading International on 888-439-3287

PHONE 704 777 4842 | Di@BSAPR.biz

Lincoln Memorial University Caylor School of Nursing offers ExecuRead Course to Students and general public January 6, 2010

The Caylor School of Nursing at Lincoln Memorial University has commissioned an ExecuRead Speed Reading & Comprehension Skills Course for students at its Knoxville TN campus in January 2010.

The course is in Knoxville TN on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 January from 9am to 2pm. Members of the local business community and general public interested in joining this course are welcome. 

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