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Speed Reading Courses at Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University & ExecuRead are AGAIN offering this Advanced Reading & Comprehension Skills course to students, at a Special Group Rate, at Lincoln Memorial University's
- DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
- LMU School of Business
- Caylor School of Nursing 

Course Participants can expect to achieve the following benefits from this 10-hour course:
Learn to Read & Comprehend 2 to 10 times faster!
* Learn effective technical & study reading skills!
* Learn test-taking tips & techniques!
Dramatically increase concentration & comprehension!
* Eliminate Reading Backlog & Reading Overload!
* Learn Mind-Mapping for enhanced Retention & Recall!
* Prevent boredom, tiredness & distractions while reading!

Over 100 course participants at LMU have increased their reading speeds more than 5-fold, with INCREASED comprehension IN A SINGLE WEEKEND!

This 10-hour classroom-based weekend course includes speed reading & comprehension skills, study skills, test-taking skills, concentration & memory skills ... at only $250 per student (a discount of $345 off the regular public course rate).


"Thanks Bruce. That was the best piece of education I have had yet. It does indeed help with anatomy as well as enjoying a novel more.  I think many of my classmates appreciate the aid as well." Peter S - LMU DCOM 

"I'd like to think that DCOM deciding to make your course mandatory was in part my obsessive recommendations to Dr. Leo and my other professors. I'm glad my classmates are experiencing this opportunity. I've heard nothing but good things about "the instructor with the cool accent." :) Amelia S - LMU 

"Everyone should do this course. We should be teaching this in grade school. It's a travesty to our nation that we're not utilising this technology for the general public in schools on a national level." Dr Kim D'Eramo - LMU- DCOM.

"The fact that I encouraged 25 of my students to take this course, speaks for itself." Robin Zachary - LMU-Caylor School of Nursing

"Awesome! The best personal investment in my entire life! " Misty Guard - GA Institute of Technology.

"As a medical student this was one of the best uses of my time. Outstanding! My reading speed & comprehension increased 5-fold in 2 days." Owen V - LMU. 

"I tripled my reading speed and maintained better than 90% comprehension. Excellent use of a weekend & well worth the time & money." Steven G - LMU.

"This course exceeded my expectations & enhanced my study skills. Highly recommended. I was stunned by the improvement in my reading, even after the first lesson." Patricia C - LMU

"The speed reading skills, and more importantly the study skills will be invaluable to me in med school. " Deirdre K - LMU

"A better experience than I could possibly have imagines. Blew my expectations out of the water. Well worth the time & money." Aaron J - LMU

"No words can describe how I will benefit from this course. Truely amazing! I just wish I had done this a year ago." Tyler M - LMU

"This course has become indispensable to our students" Laura Crawley, PH.D., Director Executive MBA Program, J Mack Robinson College of Business.

Next Courses

Location : LMU-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harrogate 
Dates : 
Sat 12 & Sun 13 July 2014
 : 9am - 2pm


For further information, contact Dr Bruce Stewart on 888 .439 .3287 (TollFree) or by email

This course is open to the public but with preferential seating offered to LMU students.

NOTE : The LMU Special Rate is available to LMU Students, Faculty, Alumni and their immediate families.


Terms & Conditions (due to limited seating availability)
  • Bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The full tuition fee of $195 is due with your booking and is not refundable.
  • Fees may be paid by Check, PayPal or Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express)
  • If you cannot attend the class for whatever reason, you may arrange to have a substitute take up your seat. Failing this, you may reschedule to a later class at a rescheduling fee of $100