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5617 Providence Glen Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

ExecuRead for Students - School Special

School Special for Middle & High School Students, Parents & Teachers

  • Give your family the gift of Speed Reading with the Best ...
  • ExecuRead PLUS a coach with 30 years experience
  • An Executive-level Speed Reading & Comprehension Course for  Students, Teachers and Parents

Book a Private On-site Course for your group of Middle & High School Students, Parents & Teachers.

Class Size : Minimum 20, Maximum 40 participants.
Duration : 10 hours
Format :  2 half-days (2 x 5hrs). Presented over 2 consecutive days - weekdays and/or weekends.

Coaching Rates Cost
Single Participant US$195,00 
Group of 2 members of same family US$350,00
Group of 3 members of same family US$500,00
Group of 4 members of same family US$600,00
Group of 5 members of same family US$725,00
Group of 6 members of same family US$800,00

Fees (Inclusive of all course materials)
Bonus Seat(s) - Course Organizer will receive the 21st & 30th seats free of charge for own use or to sponsor a deserving student.
Rates are based upon a minimum of 20 participants and are exclusive of cost of training location (if any).
Rates are inclusive of customary Instructor Travel Costs if courses are booked & paid for 30 days or more in advance of the course date.

GUARANTEE #1 : We guarantee to increase your reading efficiency by at least 100%

GUARANTEE #2 : We also guarantee to increase your SAT, ACT, PSAT or LSAT test scores.