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ExecuRead HomeStudy Speed Reading Courses \ Course Outline

ExecuRead for HomeStudy is a 7-module online training course for home-study implementation which includes the essential content of the Speed Reading International ExecuRead and SuperReading courses.

Each of the 7 modules includes 6-daily sessions of prescribed home practice designed for people who do not have access to classroom-based / instructor-facilitated training.

Who should do this course

Professionals, executives, managers and supervisors who may feel overwhelmed by high volumes of written and spoken information received in the work-place, academic arena and in the general world of information. Specifically those people who WANT and NEED to manage information faster and more efficiently BUT who are unable to immediately join a Speed Reading International classroom course.

What you will learn

  • Increase reading speeds in technical and non-technical reading by 200 - 500 percent or more
  • Concentration, comprehension, retention and recall skills
  • Mind-mapping, study methods, exam techniques, note-taking / note-making skills for seminars, lectures and presentations
  • Applied reading techniques for business reading, computer-screen reading
  • Rate-to-purpose reading for high-volume reading
  • Mind Power, affirmation and visualization training
  • Techniques for combining 'depth-reading' with 'collateral-reading' to avoid 'knowledge implosion'
  • Emphasis on giving you a sound broad-based understanding of the essential components of perceptive reading with practical skills application

How you will benefit

  • Save TIME - by learning to read just TWICE as fast, you will save 5 hours a week in reading time
  • Save MONEY - by learning to assimilate more information, you will avoid the cost of failure - avoid the "I didn't know" syndrome
  • Keep up to date with new information that affects your business, company, career, skills and qualifications
  • Make more informed and enlightened decisions based upon ALL of the facts rather than limited knowledge
  • Become more productive by being able to absorb more information in less time
  • Keep ahead of your competition - assimilate new information faster than they do
  • Develop self-confidence in being able to process, absorb and assimilate new information faster than your competitors and colleagues

What's included

  • 138-page course manual in PDF format, including
  • 3 reading speed evaluation tests
  • 3 online comprehension tests
  • a desktop reading timer
  • a results sheet for recording daily progress and results
  • telephonic support from a Senior International  Instructor
  • a course results submission and evaluation sheet
  • a graduation certificate which is issued upon completion of the course
  • and the course upgrade option

View a FREE sample of the ExecuRead Workbook

  execuread for homestudy

Format & Duration

  • 7 modules to be completed at your own pace
  • No time-restriction to the course website
  • Lifetime access

Upgrade Later

Graduates enjoy the option of upgrading this course to ANY of the Speed Reading International classroom courses should circumstances permit the attendance of a classroom-based / instructor-facilitated program, and receive full credit of your HomeStudy Course Fee against the cost of the classroom course.

HomeStudy Purchase Options


Hardcopy Version * 
- includes Workbook, Evaluation Tests, Practice Book & Reading-Timer shipped to you Not available for shipment outside continental USA. (Currently out of stock. May we suggest you back-order this version or opt for the Downloadable Version?)
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Downloadable Version ** 
- includes Workbook, Evaluation Tests & notes on Reading-Timer options.


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* includes shipping & handling
** Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) to open the files. No time-restriction on access to the material.