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Communicate. Don’t just TALK. (ExecuRead Tip #1) October 30, 2014

Communicate. Don't just TALK. You have something to say and you have an audience. Don't just talk to them. Because all they'll do is HEAR what you're saying. Communicate with them and they'll LISTEN to you, THINK about what you're saying and REMEMBER what you've said.
So, tell them what you're going to tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them again.
And then tell them what you've told them.
This is the dominant strategy for effective communication -- the most effective way of ensuring that your audience will both understand what you are saying and remember what you've said.
By telling them what you're going to be telling them, you've tweaked their interest. You've given them an appetizer. You've given them the big picture a preview of what's coming and now they will actively WANT more information about the details. They've become active listeners. When you start giving them details, they can relate this to the big picture they already have. They are LISTENING to you rather than simply HEARING your words. They are bringing existing knowledge to the subject. Evaluating your ideas. Applying critical thinking. Because they know where you're going and they can follow your logic and reasoning.
Telling them again is repetition. It reinforces the memory patterns and enables them to "take ownership" of your thoughts and ideas. You are repeating what are, by now, familiar concepts and in feeling familiar with your ideas, your listeners experience a paradigm shift. They've moved from hearing something new from someone else, to having your ideas agree with what they perceive as their own ideas.  And they will remember their own ideas far better than trying to remember your ideas.
Telling them what you've told them is a further repetition and a consolidation of your ideas. It enables your listeners to re-familiarize themselves with what they now perceive as their own ideas. And sub-consciously they are already in the process of applying "their" ideas and thoughts to their own applications.
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When reading a book, memo, technical report or intelligence document, the roles of speaker and listener are reversed. You become the audience and the author wants to communicate with you. And there's an essential reading strategy for extracting maximum comprehension and retention out of everything you read ...... 

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