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Melissa Bachman – What a Hunt! November 25, 2013

Really brave gal this one. High-powered rifle with a 'scope powerful enough to nail fleas on a rat's ass at 1000 yards and she calls killing an African lion, hunting? But then I suppose she would call a sniper using an M107 .50 caliber LRSR on a high value target at 2000 yards hunting at well.

The bow and arrow 'hunt' on the gator was equally questionable. Blind the poor sod with a powerful hunting light and then cap it point-blank from the safety of a boat. Hunting?

No, dear girl. That's not hunting. That's culling. Call it what it is. Nothing spectacular there. All you need is a big checkbook.

Now I'm all for environmental sustainability. And there are times when animals need to be culled -- over-population, rogue animals, gene-pool enrichment it's animal-husbandry. So instead of having a game-ranger pull the trigger for free, get mega-bucks by selling the trigger-rights to some dumbass who gets a hard-on from doing this type of thing. And quite frankly, a free-range lion steak sounds a whole lot better than the anti-biotic-hormone-infested piece of beef I'm being poisoned with.

What really pisses me off is not what Melissa Bachman is doing, but the fact that she's bragging about it on Facebook, Twitter and on her TV show Winchester Deadly Passion. A bit like locker-room bragging about scoring the prom-queen with a roofie.  It's just not cricket ....

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