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Save Grandpa but kill Illegal Immigrants? September 30, 2009

So we don't like the 12 million illegals working in this country ... in spite of the fact that most of them are gainfully employed. And we're simultaneously outraged at the idea of illegals getting federal healthcare, and horrified that Grandpa may be past his "sell-by" date and thus doomed to no further medical treatment. So it's save Grandpa but let illegal immigrants die? Nice one!

We demand low prices, cheap services and huge bonusses, salaries and benefits. So we turn a blind eye to big corporations giving away thousands of jobs to people in foreign countries who are willing to work harder and for less money than we are.

We complain that illegals in the USA are not paying taxes or medicare or contributing to Social Security. But we don't seem concerned that every job sent overseas means less taxes paid into the USA, less to medicare and less to social security. Corporations benefit from their off-shore sub-contractors because the labor is cheaper and less regulated than it is locally. Similarly, we like employing illegals because it's cheaper and less regulated than employing legal immigrants and American workers.

Bottom line is that both the illegals and big business are short-changing Uncle Sam, medicare, social security and the American Worker. There's a message in this somewhere ... has the American Worker spent too much time at the trough, enjoying the good life? Has the American Worker lost his competitiveness against foreign workers? Will the American Worker one day become extinct?

Perhaps we should say 'Bon Voyage' to Grandpa and allocate healthcare to keeping those illegals fit and able-bodied? They might just be the last of the truly competitive worker in this country.

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