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5617 Providence Glen Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com


On this page, we include a number of items - articles, games, programs - which you are free to download for own usage. These items have been scanned with the latest in anti-virus software and have been found "virus-free".
  • Web-based ExecuTimer 
    This is the latest ExecuRead Timer. (It's browser-based so you don't have to install an executable on your computer.)
  • ExecuTimer.exe 
    This is the latest ExecuRead Timer (Standalone Version).(Requires that you have Flash Player installed on your computer. )
  • Brain Analysis [1180KB]
    Are you a "left-brain" or "right-brain" person? "Visual" or "auditory"?
  • Use your Finger (Word file)
    For parents and teachers. Encourage children to read with their finger on the page. If you doubt this, read this article.
  • Fog Index (PDF) [47KB] 
    Use this measure to rate the complexity of written material.


DownLoads for ExecuRead Graduates

  • Pagination Calculator
    Enter WPL, LPP and Number of Pages. Then enter your target speed and the Calculator will give you your page-calls for 1, 5, 10, 15-minute read times.
  • Practice Drill #1 : 3-2-1 (listendownload mp3) [2.4MB]
    Clip 15000 words and use this sound file instead of your timer.
  • Practice Drill #2 : PR-RR-PR-RR (listen | download mp3) [1.3MB]
    Mark a starting clip and alternate between Practice Rate and Reading Rate for 5 minutes. Use this sound file instead of your timer.
  • Practice Drill #4 : 2-4-5 (listen | download mp3) [3.6MB]
    Clip 5 x your target reading rate and use this sound file instead of your timer.